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Catskill Remedial Contracting Services, Inc.

Catskill Remedial Contracting Services

Catskill Remedial Contracting Services, Inc.

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Experienced Providers of - Landfill Construction and Maintenance Services

Catskill has 18 years of landfill construction and maintenance experience. We have completed over 300 projects including cell construction, multilayered cap installation, methane and leachate collection and treatment, excavation of buried hazardous and non-hazardous waste material. Our projects have included closed and operating facilities, Superfund sites, and municipal and private facilities.
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Experienced Providers of - Environmental Remediation Services

We have remedial construction services to abate groundwater and soil contamination resulting from discharge and spillage of petroleum, hazardous & non-hazardous materials. Our experience includes excavation and removal, permeable barrier treatment walls, groundwater collection & treatment systems, SVE/AS collection and treatment systems, and passive bioremediation systems. Our experience also includes lagoon closures and work on Superfund and Brownfield sites.
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Experienced Providers of - Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Remediation

We have provided services including excavation and removal, impacted water treatment, sheet piling and other support system installation, demolition, backfill and restoration at MGP sites.
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Experienced Providers of - Wetland Construction Services

We have experience constructing wetlands for the purposes of water treatment and to replace or provide off sets for impingement on existing wetlands.
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Experienced Providers of - Building and Facility Decontamination Services

We have utilized scarification, shot blasting, steam and high pressure water to decontaminate pavement, buildings and other surfaces. Materials abated include PCBs, chlorinated & non-chlorinated organic compounds and heavy metals.
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Experienced Providers of - Brownfield Redevelopment Cleanup Services

We have assisted communities and consulting engineers in excavation, isolation, capping intercept walls and other remedial methods to allow for alternative use of former Brownfield sites.
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Experienced Providers of - Superfund Site Cleanup Services

Catskill has implemented remedial activities to remediate pollution threats at multiple Superfund facilities during the past 18 years. Impacted soil & waste excavation, waste removal, impermeable cap construction, water treatment, soil vapor treatment, and facility decontamination are among the techniques we have used to accomplish these abatement services.
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